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At this time we would like to proudly announce the addition of Adam Flagg as “New” Surge lead vocalist. Adam brings with him an incredible range of vocal abilities that will allow Surge to explore many more musical genres. We are revamping our repertoire and are currently working on songs as diverse as Train, Kid Rock, Chili Peppers, Jason Aldeen, REM, 311, Shinedown, Queen, One Republic, even Mumford and Sons. We will be showcasing our 5 lead vocalists and emphasizing our 3-4-5 part harmonies. Acoustic guitars and mandolins will start showing up during our sets as well as a greater use of keyboards. We are excited by these changes and the rehearsals have been spectacular.

Considerable change requires time so we will be limiting our engagements until the song list settles in and we are more comfortable with the changes we’ve initiated. Eddie Simons is revamping our lighting and Melanie our website. Great things are happening!

Friends of Surge have always been steadfast in their support and we trust that the changes that are taking place will be well received and well supported. We have listened to you all about the music you would like to see us play and we have similar desires to expand into country rock, new funk, contemporary rock and acoustic oriented genres.

Please help us welcome Adam to the Surge fold in the coming months. Many of our new songs will be present and the balance will be the same great rock that Surge has always presented. We have always been a high-energy rock outfit and that will never change. We hope you will come to see “New” Surge at F n A’s, Capt Jacks, Nashvilles and all the other great venues that support us. We also hope you will stand with us through the upcoming changes and keep up with your fantastic feedback and ideas. We are incredibly excited about what Surge is becoming and we would love it if you joined in.

Eric, Brendan, BC and Steve

Eric C. Ferreri: Lead Guitars, Keys & Lead and Back-Up Vocals

Eric C. Ferreri: Lead Guitars, Keys & Lead and Back-Up Vocals

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Previous Bands: Mr. Hand, R Gang, Power Company & The Q

Hobbies: Raquetball & Jogging

Musical Heroes: Bjork, Gentle Giant, Procol Harum & The Band

Favorite Concert: Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Tour"

Heroes: Our soldiers in Iraq

Favorite Movie: Brainstorm with Chistopher Walken and Natalie Wood

Favorite Drink: Anything with Captain Morgans Rum


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Brendan Ayers: Bass & Back-Up Vocals

Brendan Ayers: Bass & Back-Up Vocals

Nickname: Kaiser

Sign: Cancer

Hometown: Ra cha cha

Previous Bands: Nothing worth talking about...

Hobbies: Jamming, partying, teaching, partying, learning, partying, movies, partying, nature, partying, drinking, walking and partying.

Musical Heroes: Tommy Emmanuel, Les Claypool, Flea, Franz Schubert

Favorite Concert: Tommy Emmanuel...both of them.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Movies: Saw I-IV, American Gangster, Scarface, Requiem for a Dream, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Shows: The Office and Survivor.

Favorite Drink: The Cheapest Pitcher

Pet Peeves: Hippocrits, chewing with your mouth open...ehfing obnoxious.

My Curse: I'm a hippie...randomly shower...

My Creed: Live for the nights you never remember with the friends you never forget.

My Mission: A successful life doing only what I love!


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Brian C. Hoag: Lead Guitars & Back-Up Vocals

Brian C. Hoag: Lead Guitars & Back-Up Vocals

Nickname: BC

Hometown: Brockport

Previous Bands: 8th Day, Flight of Icarus

Hobbies: too many to list

Musical Heroes: John Williams, Steve Vai, Frank Sinatra, James Hatfield

Movies: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Ghost Adventures, Finding Bigfoot, Ancient Aliens

Pet Peeves: Idiot drivers, Bullshit artists, People that talk about things they know nothing about

Mission: To be one with the force


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Steve Wolfe: Drums & Back-Up Vocals

Steve Wolfe: Drums & Back-Up Vocals

Nickname: Wolfie

Sign: Buffet

Hometown: Prattsburg

Previous Bands: Bullet, DILF

Hobbies: Basketball, Kayaking, Biking, Tennis, Music

Musicial Heros: Dream Theater, Genesis, VanHalen, Spyrogyra

Favorite Concert: Dream Theater

Favorite Movies: Avengers, Star Wars, Four Brothers

Favorite TV Shows: Robot Chicken, Metalocolypse, Tosh.O, NCIS, Law & Order

Favorite Drink: Water, Sambuca, or Southern Comfort and Cranberry

Pet Peeves: Know it alls, people who just can't shut up!

My Curse: I snore like a bear which is un"bear"able to others.

My Creed: Find strength to rise above and fulfill your dreams!

My Mission: Personally, to be a positive influence for my kids. Musically, to play each show like its my last. Not just a gig but an event. Make it memorable for everyone and keep them coming for more.

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Adam Flagg: Lead Vocals

Adam Flagg: Lead Vocals

Nickname: Any word with a Flag in it. (ie: Flagpole, Flagman, etc)

Sign: Gemini

Hometown: Dirty, dirty Gates

Previous Bands: Your Own Reflection

Hobbies: Gaming, Wrestling, spending time with friends and family, MUSIC!

Musical Heroes: Oh, wow. Anthony Green, Zack De La Rocha, Chino Moreno, Casey Crescenzo, Josh Scogin, Jonny Craig and many more

Favorite Concert: Rock the Bells in NYC for Rage Against the Machine's reunion

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Arrow, Iron Chef, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter

Favorite Drink: Water or Sam Adams Winter Lager

Pet Peeves: Fast Walkers, face talkers, people that have to be the smartest person in the room or have the last word, people that take this very brief life we have too seriously, "that guy", liars.

My Curse: Feeling like I HAVE to always do the right or moral thing in any given situation.

My Creed: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

My Mission: To constantly grow and evolve. To always strive to be the best possible version of me.00

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